Development of the EXPO Area at VDNH
Moscow, Russia, 2017
Сompetition has been announced to attract an investor for the project. The project objective is to establish a world-class hi-tech convention and exhibition centre on the territory of VDNH for hosting events in various formats: exhibitions, conventions, conferences, concerts,
shows, and sporting events.

The Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNH) is the largest exposition, museum and recreational complex in the world that hosts around 100 international and national business events annually. Beeing one of the most popular public spaces in the Russian capital, VDNH serves as a leisure spot for millions of Muscovites and visitors to the city.

  • VDNH and Ostankino Park occupy a total area of over 317 hectares;
  • Seven themed areas: Central Alley, EXPO Zone, Knowledge Park, The Park of Crafts, Landscape Park, Amusement Park, Park of Culture, and Ostankino Park;
  • 49 of VDNH's buildings have been designated cultural heritage sites;
  • 25 million people visit VDNH every year
    • 120,898 sq. m. – total space
    • 39,290 sq. m. – total exhibition space
    • 3 convention and exhibition pavilions
    • 15 conference halls with seating capacity ranging from 50 to 745 people
    • 685 aboveground parking spaces
    • Over 100 events held at the EXPO venue each year
    • 1.5 mln visitors
      Details about pavilions
      Information about pavilions
      Pavilion № 1 (70):
      Год постройки – 1967 г.; выставочные площади (третий и четвертый уровни) не эксплуатируются ввиду непригодного и аварийного состояния.

      Pavilion № 2 (69):
      Год постройки -1986 г.; выставочные площади не соответствуют современным международным требованиям к выставочным комплексам, инженерно-технические сети павильона изношены.

      Pavilion 3 (75):
      Год постройки -2008 г.; находится в эксплуатации. Маркетинговое исследование, проведенное в 2016 году, выявило необходимость реновации павильона (создание дополнительных трансформируемых конгрессных пространств, гардеробных, модернизацию инженерных сетей).

      The investment project involves the development of the EXPO area on the basis of existing pavilions No. 70, 75, and 69 and the adjacent territory.

      • 320,000 sq.m - тotal construction area
      • 63,000 sq.m - exhibition space
      • 3 ultra-modern congress and exhibition pavilions
      • 50 conference halls with capacities ranging from 50 to 4000 people
      • 1500 parking lots in the underground parking lot
      • A pedestrian gallery that runs through the entire complex
      • An accessible roof area
      Authors of the architectural urban planning concept of the complex:
      A consortium of leading Russian architects led by the SPEECH architectural bureau (Sergei Choban): Asadov Architectural Studio, Studio ArcH4, Ginsberg Design, Mosproject and WALL.

      Pavilion No. 1: Montreal
      Concert and congress complex
      Restoration of the existing pavilion and adaptation for modern use
      Concert and Congress Complex
      Pavilion No.1: "Montreal"
      The central focus of the complex will be the historical pavilion originally designed for Expo 67 in Montreal. Following restoration works, the pavilion will be fully adapted for modern use.

      • Total area: 63,352 square metres
      • Exhibition space: 6753 square metres
      • Concert and congress hall capacity: 4000 people
      • Number of conference halls: more than 17
      Pavilion No. 2
      New exhibition pavilion
      Construction of a new multifunctional convention and exhibition space on the site
      of Pavilion No. 69
      New exhibition pavilion
      Pavilion No. 2
      The new exhibition pavilion will be an ultra-modern multi-functional space made up of four convertible exhibition zones built in an pillarless technology and fitted out with the most advanced engineering systems. The unique climate control system allows us to create an "Eternal Spring" in the pavilion. The most up-to-date technical solutions, high-speed wireless internet and multimedia audiovisual equipment create a comfortable experience for visitors to the pavilion and a productive working environment for our business clients

      • Total area: 182,122 sq.m
      • Exhibition space: 29,120 sq.m
      • Conference halls: more than 10
      • Meeting rooms: 15
      • Area of the administrative building: 14,592 sq.m
      • Underground car park: 1500 spaces
      Pavilion No. 3
      Congress and exhibition centre
      Renovation of the existing pavilion, integrating it into the unified exhibition complex
      Renovation of the existing pavilion
      Pavilion No. 3
      Renovation of the existing pavilion, integrating it into the unified exhibition complex. This unique pavilion was built using pillarless technology with arched roof constructions. This allows the space to be converted depending on the type of event it is hosting. The tall ceilings provide enough room for all kinds of construction to be placed inside the building.

      • Total area: 56,731 square metres
      • Exhibition space: 22,500 square metres
      • Number of halls: 2
      • Number of conference halls: more than 10
      One of the more ambitious tasks that the VDNH team has set for itself is the creation of a unique "Green Exhibition Space".
      The VDNH EXPO complex will be created in full compliance with stringent energy efficiency norms and standards as they relate to environmental protection, using all-natural ingredients. The new VDNH EXPO complex will be equipped with innovatve control systems that allow energy consumption to be reduced by 30%.
      The new VDNH EXPO exhibition complex has been designed to ensure that work carried out in the complex is productive, and leisure time spent there is pleasant.
      Easy transport access
      The complex is located in the historical centre of Moscow and is easily accessible from anywhere in the city
      Underground Parking
      The underground car park has 1500 lots. The total number of parking lots, including the overground parking lot, is more than 2000.
      Pedestrian Gallery
      All of the EXPO pavilions will be connected by an enclosed gallery for the comfort of visitors
      Accessible Green Roof
      The roof of the substructure will include green areas, summer cafes and open-air exhibition spaces
      Zones for Conversation and Relaxation
      Areas where visitors can relax and have a chat will be scattered throughout the complex, creating a comfortable environment for work and play
      Food court
      Cafes and restaurants catering to all budgets can be found throughout the complex
      Wireless Internet
      High-speed internet access will be available throughout the complex for guests and event participants
      VIP Areas
      Fully equipped VIP areas for receiving official delegations offer a wide range of services for meetings with very important guests
      Meeting Rooms
      Fully equipped meeting rooms make doing business and singing contracts easier than ever
      Children's Rooms
      The complex will include several rooms for mother and child, fitted out with everything neccessary to make visiting VDNH with children a comfortable and pleasant experience
      Registration Areas
      Every exhibition pavilion will be equipped with computerized registration areas, making the work of event organizers that much easier
      A Barrier-Free Environment
      The complex will be designed with the safety, comfort and unhindered access of people with disabilties in mind
      Form of bidding
      Open tender

      Subject of the Tender
      Obtaining the right to take part in the joint activities to develop EXPO zones as a party to the existing Simple Partnership Agreement No. 1677-16/AD Dated 27.07.2016
      Application Submission Period
      Open: 28.08.2017
      Close: 21.12.2017

      Investment (billion roubles)
      Total investment amount: 27.281
      Share from investors: 22.271
      Budget co-financing: 5.01

      Procedure for Examining the Facilities and Acquainatnce with the Tender Documents
      Rules for submitting an application >>
      Information Resources
      Official website of the Moscow City Competition Policy Department:

      Moscow Investment Portal:
      Procedure for inspecting the facilities and studying the tender documentation
      Applications for inspecting the facilities, studying the tender documentation and clarifying any issues thereof should be sent in writing to the following address:
      12, Pechatnikov Pereulok, Moscow, 107045 (The One-Stop-Shop Service of the Moscow Department for Competition Policy).

      Requests can also be sent to the Tender Organizer via email to:,
      With a carbon copy to:

      An Information Centre operates at the facilities:
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